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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

How Much Area does a Cubic Yard Cover ?

A Cubic Yard is a Voume Measurement which equals 3 FT x 3 FT x 3 FT = 27 Cubic Feet = 1 Cubic Yard.  A Cubic Yard of Mulch, Topsoil, Stone or Sand will Cover:

At a Depth of:              1"          2"          3"          4"          5"          6" 

Will Cover SQ. FT.        324        162        108        81          65         54


What is the advantage of using Dyed Mulch ?

Dyed Mulch is regular natural Mulch dyed with a water based latex dye which acts as a preservative and helps the Mulch keep its color and resist fading from sunlight as does regular Mulch.  Initially you want to place a minimum depth of 3-4 inches the first year and then just a light cover of 1-2" each year thereafter to keep the mulch layer from building up too thick because of the slower decomposition of dyed mulch.


What is the advantage of using Regular Mulch ?

Regular mulch decomposes faster than regular mulch thus providing more nitrogen and nutrition to plants and flowers but is subject to color bleaching from sunlight.  For a newly established flower bed or garden the Regular Mulch should be used the 1st year before considering using Dyed Mulch to establish your plants.


I am planting a Flower/Vegetable Garden, which Soil do I need ?

Mushroom Soil - If you are tilling or mixing it in with the existing soil.

Garden Mix (Mushroom Soil mixed with Screened Topsoil) - For raised Gardens or Flower Beds where the material will be laid on top of the existing soil and planted in directly.